Beetles are pretty easy to spot and they are all over the place here in Naples, Cape Coral, and Fort Myers. small, hard shelled bugs that you see from time to time walking around. Beetles seem harmless and you don’t really see them doing anything aside from wandering, rolled over on their backs and being carried off by ants. But beetles are a pest. They are extremely notorious for eating all things plant. If it’s green and grew out of the ground, then there is a pretty good chance that beetles will eat it, especially grass. All beetles, from larvae to death eat and eat all sort of plants from the roots up. Destroying fields of crops, ranges of forests and our beautiful lawns. Beetles come in  many colors of reds, browns, black, and so on. But the Larvae, called Grubs, are white. their tiny little grubs that usually sit in the ground in a “C” shaped position. Grubs can often be found in the roots of the grass that they are eating. To inspect for Grubs cut three sides of a one foot square piece of sod about two inches deep with a spade at the edge of one of the off color areas of the lawn. Force the spade under the sod and lay it back. See if the grass roots are chewed off and sift through the soil to determine if larvae are present. Replace the strip of sod. Inspect several areas in the lawn. as a rule of thumb, if an average of two or three Grubs are found per square foot, you may have an infestation.



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