Florida woods cockroach

The Florida woods cockroach is about 38-45 mm long as an adult and is often called the "stinking cockroach"; it produces a foul-smelling fluid to protect it from predation. It is dark reddish-brown to black. The nymphs have broad yellow bands on the top of their thoraxes. It is commonly found in leaf mulch, wood [...]

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Australian Cockroach

It is about 32-38 mm long as an adult and is also reddish-brown to dark brown with a characteristic marking behind the head. On the front edge of the base of the forewing, there is a light yellow band. Nymphs have light yellow spots on the top of their abdomens. The Australian cockroach is abundant [...]

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American Cockroach

This particular roach is about 38 mm long as an adult and is reddish-brown with light markings behind the head. The cerci at the tip of the abdomen are long and thin. It is commonly found in sewers and basements.

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Smokybrown Cockroach

The Smoky brown cockroach is about 32 mm long as an adult. It is mahogany brown to black with no patterns behind the head. This roach is abundantly found outdoors in places such as tree holes, wood piles, and attics of houses in Florida. It readily enters homes and is also referred to as the [...]

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German Cockroaches

The German cockroach is the most important species found in the US. It is about 12-17 mm long as an adult. Nymphs and adults of both sexes have two dark stripes behind the head. It prefers to live in kitchens and bathrooms of homes and apartments, restaurants, etc. The Asian cockroach, Blattella asahinai, appears identical [...]

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Five of the most bothersome pest of South West Florida

There are a ton of different bugs down here in south west Florida. Some of them are hazardous to our homes, ourselves and our pets. They can cause allergic reactions and many like wasps and spiders can strike us with fear. Although we have given them all a bad name, many of them deserve it, [...]