What is the most important tool, no matter what type of problem you have The answer is KNOWLEDGE!!!

Grubs attack from below in the months of June – November, these unseen but quite damaging menaces attack our lawns from below.  They are white grubs. Grubs are larval (immature) stage of several species of beetles including May or June beetles, and masked chafers.  The adult beetles feed on the foliage of trees and other [...]

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Earwig They have forcepslike cerci that can be used to capture prey or to defend them against predators. Earwig adults are 6.3 to 25 mm long. Their bodies are flattened and are pale to dark brown. The antennae are threadlike and about half the length of the body. Earwigs are active at night and often [...]

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These are in the order Thysanaura. They are wingless, flattened insects with two or three filaments at the rear end of the abdomen. Their antennas are long and filamentous. Silverfish are gray and their bodies are covered with scales. They are about 20 mm long. In buildings, silverfish can feed on the starch and fabric. [...]

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