There are a ton of different bugs down here in south west Florida. Some of them are hazardous to our homes, ourselves and our pets. They can cause allergic reactions and many like wasps and spiders can strike us with fear. Although we have given them all a bad name, many of them deserve it, they can also be useful from time to time. This here is a list of some of the bugs here in south west Florida that prove to be quite bothersome down here in Florida.


One of the first things you notice when you move down here, especially from way up north, is the large abundance of ants. Now there are a lot of different kinds of ants around here in south west Florida, the fire ants seem to be a real issue. Fire ants can be a real pain to deal with especially when they make mounds in the cracks of your drive way and in your lawn. Be sure to keep your eyes open when you’re walking down the street. If you step on an ant hill, you’d better hope that it doesn’t belong to a colony of fire ants, because if it does the next thing you know is that you’re covered in fire ants! Fire ants don’t bite to defend themselves, they sting, and not just once, no they can do it several times, giving you a burning sensation all over. Now fire ants can be useful, they have a tendency to have never ending wars with other bugs. But why is that a good thing? Well if you a farmer, you can save on pesticides to control the bugs that eat your crops. But if you’re not a farmer, then they’re just going to fight the other bugs around and just take over the whole area. And if you are tired of having to watch your step because of fire ants, give ABC Pest Control a call, we’ll be right over to clean up your home of all kinds of ants



EWWWWWW! I have never met anyone who actually likes cockroaches. I don’t know what it is about them but I just can’t stand them. The way they scurry along walls and buzz around. They can carry diseases and have a sickening taste for garbage. Whenever you get an infestation of cockroaches, cockroaches are notorious from the oily smell the produce. Not all of them can fly but most of the larger species can. Cockroaches are disgusting, and a pain to get rid of because you’re not supposed to just squish them, if you do they might have been carrying eggs which are now spread around the flattened fiend and on whatever you used to squish it with. And berceuse most over the counter pesticides is not strong enough to kill them. The only really good thing about Cockroaches is the role they play in the biological community. They eat some things, some things eat them.






Horrible pests, all they do eat your house and make a mess of things. Ok, termites don’t eat your whole house, just the wooden foundation. Termites live off of wood, some prefer the more damp kinds where as other will eat the dry stuff. Some termites like to make their homes out of the foundation of your home where as others will make build mounds of mud and other saliva and other things. From these mounds they make elaborate little “tunnels” that run underground and up walls and trees that they can use to travel to and from your home. Obviously eating the foundation of your house is a bad thing because they’re literally eating what’s holding up your house. So if they eat that, they your house is just going to fall over. Which is why you need to give us a call so we can come over and lay out a few traps to catch the Termites and keep you home standing tall. The only thing good about termites is that they sever as food to some other animals, but that’s pretty much it, Termites are just awful.




RUN AWAY!!! wasps one of the most feared kind of pest on this list. They have a bad habit of being right where you want to go and tend to get a little mad when you come near them. Wasps are kind of like bees except their not. Some species make hives and work together to maintain and protect it. Some are a little different, they buzz around alone looking for smaller bugs to prey on. Unlike bees, wasp can sting several times and  will if aggravated and still not lose their stinger. Most Wasps eat either other dead already dead creatures or sugary things like food and drinks. Wasps reproduce in hives, which is started by the queen who, after making the small hive she, lays the first eggs and start a colony. Alright, not a whole lot of people care for wasps but they’re not all bad, farmers might like some kinds of wasps because they prey on many other plant eating pests.




*Scratch Scratch Scratch* is all you’ll here out of your dog if he gets fleas. Fleas are awful. All you wanted to do was take your dog for a walk down to the, and frolic in the grass with him, but those nasty, tiny little fleas just had to jump up on him and stat to make a snack out of him. All it take s is one flea to hop on your dogs back and start to lay eggs and suck blood and befor you know, you’ve got a flea infestation. And you can tell they’re fleas because when you give your dog a bath and you find tiny little dark brown or black specs on him, especially if they’re moving, their fleas. And they’re a pain to get rid of. You have to clean the dog with special soap and wash everything, clothes, bedding, rugs, floors, carpets, etc, and then if that all doesn’t work you can always give us a call here at ABC Pest Control and we’ll be right over to get rid of all those little pests. Just like Termites, there is nothing good at all about fleas. They don’t control the over population of anything, in fact they tend to over populate their “hosts”. The only thing they really serve as food for are a few ants, spiders and a select few of beetles.


All of the pests listed in this post are common here in south west Florida. So if you happen to find yourself with an infestation of one or (hopefully not) more of the pests. Give us a call here at ABC Pest Control where we take care of any of your lawn and pest control needs.


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