White fly has become a very common problem and currently has a new species called the “Ragousa White Fly”. It is larger than the other species and produces enormous amounts of honey dew causing sooty mold that will cover areas that are infected.  Our past methods of control, such as soil drenching or a general foliage spray take more treatments and a slower result to control the problem. If this is left untreated the “Ragousa White Fly” could be fatal to the tree.

We recommend using a product called” Arbor Jet Injection” to be used in the treating process. The product has shown the best results to date. We now offer this service and it is an insecticide injected into the center of the palm and will then spread throughout the tree. The results are proving that the qualities of results are much quicker and stronger. Once control has been established, we recommend a one time of year maintenance program for further protection against other pests as well.

Pricing is based on the diameter of the trees. Any tree up to 10” to 24” cost will be $25.00 to $40.00 per tree; price could be reduced by amount trees and diameter of the trees being treated.