Summer is getting close and we all can’t wait to get out and go have some fun in the sun. Some of us have pets like dogs and cats that we like to let out to roam or take the family dog to beach or the park. But it seems as we get a few weeks into the summer time, your dog or your cat seems to be itching a lot more than normal. One day you take the dog out for a bath, haircut and grooming and when you go to pick up your dog the lady tells you he’s got fleas! Unfortunately fleas can be a problem year-round, but the tiny blood sucking specks are at their best in the warmer months, which means the worst for you. Fleas are a real problem, especially here in Florida. But don’t worry, go out, get some flea shampoo and give your dog a weekly bath and Here are some tips on how to get rid of fleas and make your home as flea free as possible so that it is ready for us to come and do our thing so we can make sure your home and pets stay flea free. Keep your dog and cat on a regular anti-flea medicine like front line, Vacuum your entire house, mop with hot water and sweep all the areas you can’t vacuum. Be sure to wash all the bedding including especially anything your dog or cat has slept or played on.  Fleas don’t stick to your pet, they try the best but some of them fall of and hide in the carpet and the bedding. After cleaning your home call us here at ABC Pest Control and we’ll be right over to treat your house, inside and out, and get rid of all the fleas.

Regularly comb and brush your cat and dog and keep a close eye on them for fleas. If you notice a lot of little dark brown or black specks trying to run under your cat or dogs fur, follow our tips and call us here at ABC, we will be right back over and help you get rid of them.

Fleas usually go for the cats and the dogs the most, but we people can get fleas as well. If you get a real big infestation, then the fleas will just start to look for a meal anywhere, including you. If you’re wondering how to tell if the fleas are so bad that they’re on you, when you’re trying to sleep at night or you’re just sitting around and you feel like something is crawling on you, like in your ears or under your arms, you might just have fleas. If you personally have fleas, clean your home, call us here at ABC Pest Control and go take a really, really hot shower. Fleas really don’t like heat.


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